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Put time back on your side.

With the proliferation of media channels and the growing popularity of video portals and social networking sites, the ability to efficiently acquire, transcode and deliver content for distribution to homes, offices and portable devices has become increasingly important to content providers and communication companies. The mission of OKStream.com is to simplify the process of capture, uploading, transcoding and streaming video content, so that site operators can capitalize on every piece of existing or user-generated content - regardless of format, screen size, bit rate or playback device.


OKStream.com offers a range of products and services to enterprise and developer clients, all aimed at making the video integration process more efficient and simpler to execute. Browse the sections below to learn more about our offerings. Discover for yourself how OKStream.com can cut your time to market with a proven working solution and lower the barrier to entry for businesses with great ideas - all while providing platform continuity from a proof-of-concept through a limited start-up deployment to a large-scale roll out. You are out there to build the next Web 2.0 killer application - let us help by taking the burden of system scalability off your back.


Once you know more about our products and services, open a FREE developer account and start your integration today. No upfront fees, no commitment. When you are ready to make the next step and bring your solution to the market OKStream will be there, ready to service your customers.

Latest News:

April 17, 2009: Come see OKStream.com at TechEd 2009, May 11-15, Los Angeles Convention Center (booth #537).

April 3, 2009: Videomail Zimbra Extension 2.0 is now officially available to all customers.

March 26, 2009: Videomail Exchange 2007 Extension 1.0 RC2 is now available for download to all customers.

March 24, 2009: New hosted demos of widget factory, Zimbra VideoMail and Exchange VideoMail now available.

December 5, 2008: Videomail Exchange 2007 Extension (codename Spa) private beta enrollment closed.

December 5, 2008: Videomail plug-in for Outlook 2007 (codename Silverstone) private beta enrollment closed.

October 31, 2008: Videomail Zimbra Extension 1.1 (codename Hockenheim) officially launched.

September 2, 2008: OKStream launches NextTimeSendVideo.com to promote Zimbra Video extension.

August 15, 2008: Videomail Zimbra Extension 1.0 (codename Imola) officially launched. We bring video to Zimbra CS.

July 17, 2008: Widget Factory 1.0 SR2 launched. Users can now use any Flash-capable browser to capture video.

June 30, 2008: BlogCast Publishing Module is now officially available to all ApplicationFactory customers.

May 28, 2008: Widget Factory 1.0 SR1 launched. Multiple updates/improvements to the available widgets. See docs section for more details...

May 8, 2008: MessageZoo Video Messaging Community launched.

Mar. 9, 2008: OKStream.com Community Forums launched.

Mar. 1, 2008: Official date for Widget Factory 1.0 leaving Beta stage set for March 10, 2008.

Jan. 14, 2008: OKStream.com announces plans for extended device support in its widget factory.

Nov. 15, 2007: OKStream.com to offer the highly acclaimed studio components as part of the Application Factory. Stay tuned for more details...

Oct. 1, 2007: OKStream.com now offers access to the AnViL API for low level video manipulation.

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